InterTech has been specialising in architectural and commercial design for over 25 years. We have supplied our services and products to over 40 countries; today we have a customer base which spans 6 continents. Our home city of Kingston upon Hull offers superb range of local suppliers and shipping resources to deliver anywhere in the world.

With 85% of our work involving export to over 40 countries, it is critical that we make sure all our products which we design and manufacture are 100% perfect. Over the years, we have built up an unrivalled international track record of successful work. This gives our customers the peace of mind that their projects are in safe hands – no matter what country or nationality.


Raising the standard of motorcycle showroom design

Welcome to Triumph’s Global Store Design Programme Designed by InterTech.

With well over 25 years experience in the motorcycle industry our skills and dedication have led us to build an enviable international track record of successful motorcycle showroom installations.

InterTech offer a total store design solution together with project management and manufacturing capabilities.  These services are unique to Triumph dealers and are available on a global scale to service the needs of an approved dealer no matter what nationality or location.

Being a Triumph Authorised dealer is a unique opportunity to be part of a strong corporate brand.  Intentional or not, every aspect of your dealership influences a customer’s opinion of Triumph Motorcycles.

Following the correct corporate guidelines sets a standard to your customers and strengthens your competitive position.


About InterTech and Triumph

InterTech has now been working with Triumph since mid-2004 to design, develop, implement and enhance a complete system specifically designed to meet the needs of Triumph dealers throughout the world.

InterTech specialise in retail system design, manufacture and fitting.  Our manufacturing and design studio is based in the North East of the UK. Although we are based in the UK we operate on a worldwide basis, with an international network of subsidiary and affiliate companies which means we can deliver a complete design, manufacturing and fitting service in all your markets.

Although we are active in a range of different retail activities, we are specialists in the motorcycle business.  We have been working with motorcycle dealers for the last 18 years and have been consultants to Harley-Davidson for the last 12 years.  During that time we have designed and installed systems for over 650 dealers in 36 countries.  We know the business and understand the industry.

Introducing Triumph World

The brief was to design an attractive, flexible and cost-effective store concept that would communicate the refreshed Triumph brand image and help to increase Triumph dealers’ sales and profitability.

This is achieved with a combined package of flooring, lighting, signage and shop fittings tailored to your specific needs.  With InterTech’s experience we are able to apply the Triumph concept to exclusive dealerships throughout the world.  This will differ depending on your specific circumstances and we will tailor-make a system to suit your individual needs, ambitions and budgets.

This is not a flash-in-the-pan; the brief was a 10 year minimum program that will be updated on a yearly basis.  Combined with the modular design and exceptional flexibility, this is a program that will keep your dealership looking new and fresh for years to come.  Triumph and InterTech are both in this for the long run.